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Find Color Conversions...On-Line:

TCS / Tru-Color System helps the artist find and visualize the colors they need.

For centuries, “colors” have been identified by names. Now, five (5) characters can do the job.

TCS, is the Industry Standard Color Matching provider, offers its full color conversion system...on-line...always current...always available.

No matter which paints you use, there will always be references to brands and color names not available to you. Magazines and patterns use hundreds of color names which often must be matched to complete a design as the artist intended.

This unique tool can eliminate the frustration every painter feels when faced with color names they do not recognize. View thousands of acrylic and oil color names, cross referenced by brands, and identify choices available in their personal inventory.

You can choose any color name, then match to your favorite brand instantly!

Internet Solution to Color Conversions.      www.gotcs.net