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Charlene M. — Michigan

In reply to our proposal that the TCS Color Classification System be used as the common denominator for color naming. Charlene wrote in our TCS / Tru Color Systems Facebook page:

"I think that would be great! I’ve been involved with Decorative Painting for the last 25 years. I have enjoyed saving books and patterns for that long too. When I go through many of my favorite patterns & or authors, I am very frustrated when they call for paint names that are no longer available! I have made an inventory of my paints in the TCS Color Match System, along with marking it with painted sample of each color. So, if the pattern has a full color photo of the project, I use my inventory to match the colors in the picture to figure out what colors to use. So, your suggestion of using the TCS Segmented Color Wheel System is wonderful! Thanks"

Jill R. — British Columbia, Canada

I find your system VERY user friendly, and I have been a Fine Artist since 1962 and a Decorative Artist since 1992. ANY form of 'help' when it comes to mixing is always a bonus for the student Artist, and when a professional designer needs a refresher, you are there!

Seeing your system in numbers and symbols is a benefit when mixing colors. There is a 'control' which gives the student a boundary to their sometimes random thinking. Your system has answers and is not only about Color Theory.

Color Theory is for the Explorer who loves to play with the 'mistakes' as much as they love the actual painting process. Your system is for quick reference, not prolonged 'meandering'. Thank you Bobbie, for sharing this important information.

Jean K. — Rotonda West, Florida

I am a tole painter, not an authority on color wheels, hues, etc. I found TCS when I was totally confused about all the manufactures different names for their colors. It's been a lifesaver for me. It taught me much needed knowledge about hue, clarity and value and the color wheel.

TCS On-Line helps me match my inventory with other bands, and find a suitable substitute for colors I do not have when doing a project. It gives me more time to paint!! That's what I want to do!!. I hope you continue to serve those of us who appreciate your TCS On-Line System, I love it.!!

Robert W. — Ontario, Canada

As a subscriber, I love your TCS system. It has helped me immensely in matching colors in my wood carving tasks. Keep up the good work.

Joan K. — Massachusetts

I find your system invaluable in finding colors. I'm an oil painter and I use to have to make the formulas myself. Your system has saved me so much valuable time. Thank you for your service, it is the best money I spend every year.

Alice T. — Pennsylvania

TCS has solved the problem of color conversions. Love the on-line version, everything is working great.

Rella K. — Pennsylvania

Thanks for keeping the site updated. This is much nicer than ordering updated disks all the time.

Pat S. — North Carolina

Got most of my inventory transferred to the on-line system. It is very easy to do.

Joan K. — Massachusetts

I love the new system. Being an oil painter, I can compare different brands and the color which is different from brand to brand. I'm going to find this very helpful. Thanks!

Barbara H. — Connecticut

All in all it is a great job you did with this on-line system. The idea that we can now keep our inventory list up to date with the new colors is very important. Some newer paints were not able to be listed on my inventory before. This is great!!

Before I start a project, I enter the entire palette in the On-Line System and print it. That way, I have the complete list of my two main brands, with colors I have, right at my fingertips. No more guessing which color I am using as a substitute.

Lisa M. — Ontario Canada

I did my first colour match and it works great. I like it better than the software, I can see my inventory on both selected colours and matched colours.

Connie C. — Texas — Designer / Instructor / Author.

Being an artist and a craft designer, I regularly work in a variety of mediums. I am capable of taking a basic color palette, in any medium, and creating whatever color I want; but that is time consuming and wasteful of my paint products. Also, I live far from any metropolitan shopping area, making it important that I be able to work with what I have on hand as much as possible.

What I find most valuable about TCS is:

1. The cross matching between mediums. If I have done a design in oils that I want to reproduce in acrylics, TCS gives me the appropriate match (or the formula for a match). It saves me so much time and MONEY.

2. The TCS #'s are especially valuable to me . I can look at the TCS numbers in a color family and figure out how to alter my own unique color mix in hue, clarity or value to get the exact desired effect.

3. The personal inventory feature has been another money-saver for me. I have so many bottles and tubes of paint that I forget what I already have. This feature saves me from buying something I already have.

All in all, I think I have already saved the cost of my TCS membership in the brief time I have been a member. It has saved me both time and product expense (it can take a lot of time and wasted product trying to get "just the right color mix"). Now, I am sorry I did not take advantage of this creative tool sooner.

Mary H. — Maryland

Don't hesitate to order this program. It makes matching colors s-o-o-o-o much easier. It's also much better than disks. Great job.

Della R. — Florida

I can't imagine NOT having the on line help now that I am using it. I do a lot of converting of traditional oil patterns and acrylic patterns into Genesis Artist Colors. This saves me so much time and makes my choice of patterns unlimited. LOVE this program. Thanks, Bobbie and Neal.

Denise S. — Arizona

I first started with "The Decorative Painting Color Match Sourcebook. This book saved me a lot of trouble and money. I didn't have to buy every brand listed for every project anymore. I could just convert to the brand I had on hand. The only problem was the updates.

Then I purchased the Tru-Color Match software and this program cut the time I wasted for color conversions dramatically. I really appreciated it until I discovered the TCS Color Solutions Network. With my password, I can get online anytime anywhere.

The conversion takes just a few minutes and it is accurate. My on-line paint inventory is a great asset; I automatically know if I own this paint and if not, how to mix the color. Unless you have been painting for years and years and saved color samples of all the paints you owned, you have no idea what discontinued paints look like. It seems every brand has a different name for the same color.

I love old painting books and with TCS Color Solutions, I can convert discontinued paints to a different brand or find a mix ratio that will give me the correct color. Even fairly recent books list discontinued colors for the projects, with TCS Color Solutions, it makes no difference and finding a solution is easy.

The features of this program are great. There is no guesswork. The system is self-explanatory and you can get your conversion answers in seconds. With all the many brands listed, it is as easy as one-two-three. I highly recommend it.

Linda B. — New York

A few weeks ago I signed up to take a class, then found out the project needed 37 different acrylic paints just for basecoating! I went to the Tru-Color site, entered my member ID and password, then selected the paint names. Within minutes I had a list printed out that converted the paints to two other brands. Now I can check my inventory and do not have to buy all of those paints. Since I am taking a class it would be hard to make all these mixes myself and work with them and keep up, etc.

Another way I use this conversion service is to speed up my oil painting. Let me explain. I like to base coat in acrylic and then finish in oils or Genesis. I use the Tru-Color info to convert the medium values from the oil instructions to comparable acrylic colors. I basecoat with the acrylic, then finish the painting with the shade and hi-lighting in oils. This saves a lot of oil paint, which is more expensive, and speeds up the painting process. I still get that wonderful oil look.

The Tru-Color site saves me lots of money. It does cost a membership fee to join, but it is well worth it in time and money savings. No, they don't pay me! This is unsolicited praise for them. I recommend you check it out. I have been using several of the Tru-Color products for many years and have never been disappointed.

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